Technische Universität Ilmenau

The TU Ilmenau is the only university of its kind in Thuringia. It is famous for its long tradition in training students to become a mechanical or electronical engineer. Today the university’s profile contains technology, natural science, economics and media. Split in five departments they are offering more than 6.300 students a forward-looking and interdisciplinary education spread in 19 courses of studies for bachelor students, 25 courses of studies for master students in engineering science, mathematic, natural science, economics and media.

The TU Ilmenau has six areas of expertise in which they partake in basic research and practical research. In their areas of expertise, they have nationally and internationally leading positions. Over the last years six research clusters have been established:

•    nano engineering

•    digital media technology

•    mobile communication

•    precision technology and precision measurement technology

•    Technical and biomedical assistance systems

•    Propulsion, energy and environmental systems engineering



Nathalie Becker
TU Ilmenau

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